Practitioner Booking

This page is for practitioner booking only. 

Click the BOOK NOW button to select a time & date for your appointment.
Please indicate the class or service type in the appointment notes.

Room #1 = Client Meeting
Accommodates 1-2 Clients
The rate is $20/hourly rental. 
The bluetooth connection for the mini speaker is called HM11. There is also a white noise machine to help minimize disruptions.

Room #2 = Class or Workshop
Accommodates 3-10 Clients or Students
The rate is $30/hourly rental. To receive additional social media promotions for your class or workshop, the rate will increase to $50/hourly rental. Contact Jessica for details.

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As part of engaging in service to our community, we will offer free classroom rental for group Max Meditation. If you are a Life Activation Practitioner who is interested in hosting Max Med on a singular or recurring basis, please email Jessica: Attendees will still purchase tickets either from you directly or we can facilitate ticket sales for a % fee. We will help promote either way.