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Casey O’Connell

Casey O’Connell is a Spiritual Healer, Warrior of Light, and Good Witch. She helps sensitive souls embrace their magick and find safety in their unique abilities so they can truly live here on Earth. Initiated as a Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon through The Modern Mystery School, her mission is to help humans remember the wonder and goodness within our direct connection to God through ancient activation, healing, reading, and ceremony. Casey is also an avid and curious student of connection, intimacy, nature, and the four elements. She loves to ferment veggies, knit woolen goodies, nurture plants, and care for animals. Her most recent endeavor is an amateur study in birth working.
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$50  |  25 Min. Akashic Crystal Reading [walk-in only]
$150  |  60 Min. Akashic Crystal Reading
$150  |  Aura Healing
$150  |  Negative Energy Clearing & Emotional Cord Cutting
$250  |  Life Activation
$250  |  Shamanic Aura Clearing