Local Magic Makers

We are proud to feature the work of over 30 local artists and herbalists in our shop!

Browse links to our vendors' sites or social media below.

Art of Chloe Janowski | Fantasy Art Prints + Stickers
BotanicallLove | Crystal Plant Decor
Buzz in the HillsBioregional Beeswax Candles
Crystalline Moon | Bone + Botanical Creations
Daisy Metal Works | Brass + Silver Jewelry
Dia Luna Arts | Botanical Jewelry + Stained Glass
Earthen Lights | 100% Beeswax + Soy Wax Candles
Elissa Marie Creative | Whimsical Visual Art
Fendywitch Designs |
Original Art + Adornments
Full Moon Apothecary | Reiki-Infused Herbalism
Ivy & Herbs | Herbal Aromatics + Self Love - Denver, CO
iwasmadeWood Engraved Art Prints
Jenn Sneary Art | Nature + Fantasy Art Prints
Laid to RestRitual Bone Art + Jewelry
Little Rabbit Hearts | Herbal Teas + Incense - St. Louis, MO
Lulu's Art Creations | Fantasy Art Prints
Mama Mangoes | Crystal Infused Spirit Led Herbalism
Moon Dang | Botanical + Crystal Jewelry
Moonlit Woods |
Laser Etched Wood Art
Mother of the Moon |
Good Vibes Art + Stickers
Natural Magick Shop
 | Ritually Crafted Potions
PakeVintage Treasures Jewelry
Pearl Skull Alchemy | Jewelry + Candles + Art Prints
Persephone's SanctuaryRitual Goddess Candles
Reverie Fabrications | Electroform + Silver Jewelry
Sam Wish
 | Botanical Body Care
Seditious Seraphim | Earth Based Electroform Jewelry
Sister Moon Ceramics | Magical Functional Ceramics
Southern Mineral CreativeElectroform Crystal Jewelry
SOVRIN | Earthly Dark Apparel
Ugly Little Rose | Pointillist Art Prints
Whimsical AlchemyElectroform Rune + Element Jewelry
Wild Meadow Home | Ritual Décor + Apothecary