"The magick of the Kabbalah is revealed through a glyph, or symbol, known as the Tree of Life. In studying this Tree, we take our experience of our own life into a higher realm of consciousness and awareness. In the 10-month study of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, your Kabbalah Instructor will facilitate a journey that will allow you to take an introspective look at your life, thoughts, actions and emotional patterning while ascending you up the Tree of Life, bringing you closer and closer to God and your own divine nature. The Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah is not only about the knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah, but it is also a process of ascension — a spiritual and alchemical transformation that will change your life forever." 

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Jessica's Credentials
10 Month Program - December 2021-October 2022 in Orlando, FL

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