New Hours | Friday-Sunday 12:00p-6:00p

Spiritside Coaching

Spiritside coaching is run by Rachel Saxon. As a certified life coach, she uses tarot, reiki, and intuitive reading to approach any life problems or questions you have. Her philosophy is that of mind, body, and spirit connection and aligning all three to bring enlightenment to your life’s direction. She also works closely with you to develop a spiritual practice you can continue on your own. Her sessions are great for those new to the path and those well-seasoned who just need a little direction.
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$15  |  3 Card Tarot Reading
$35  |  30 Min. Tarot Reading
$65  |  60 Min. Tarot Reading
$35  |  15 Min. Reiki Session
$60  |  30 Min. Reiki Session
$40  |  30 Min. Tarot Life Coaching
$70  |  60 Min. Tarot Life Coaching