Hermetic Energy Services

Following years of professional mystery school training, Jessica Beaver, owner of Yarrow & Sage and Austin Witches Market, is proud to offer energy & ritual work in the hermetic lineage of King Salomon.

$50 First Time Consultation - 60 Minutes
$150 Crystal Reading & Healing -
45 Minutes
$300 Life Activation -
120 Minutes
$150 Full Energy Clearing & Cord Cutting -
45 Minutes
$150 Ensofic Reiki - 60 Minutes
$250 Egyptian Aura Healing
$300 Fire Soul Infusion
$300 Core Will Infusion
Crystal Gridding for Home & Business -
Cost & Availability Varies Based on Space, Email for a Quote

If you are curious to learn more or are interested in a session, please email services@yarrowandsageatx.com for consultation & booking.

Do you feel the call to study deeply on the path of Know Thyself? 
Learn more about Initiation and local classes offered in Austin, TX.

To inquire about tarot readings at our North Loop location, visit Linda of Austin Tarot Therapy under the Tarot tab.